A7X VIP Package back stage tour 13/10/18, Houston

I bought a Golden VIP package for A7X’s tour, which took place in US in October, 2013. This post is about show in Houston, on 18th. I flew there from Japan as always:)
Golden VIP package comes with a back stage tour. We basically went to the venue about 1.5 hours before door opens and were shown how all production on stage is set up from front, side and back of the stage. Billy, the guy responsible for this experience, took really good care of us and showed and explained what was going on there.
It was great to see everything behind the great show A7X presents.

The Venue was Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, which is an amphitheater standing besides big shopping mall.

So, below are what I had privilege to witness during the back tour.
Thank you for organizing this experience, Billy:)

Click photo for larger image.
*I’m not native English speaker. Please note that the explanation below can be incorrect as I’m writing based on my understanding.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonFirst, we were led into the amphitheater, where all stalls are setting up.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonCalm before the storm.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonSound booth in the middle of the theatre.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonWe were led to the pit area.
And here is the King as seen on the initial version of cover art for “HAIL to the KING” on stage.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonClose up of the King. It’s realistic.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonKing can be hidden behind the door when door is shut down. This is how the stage looks like when the show start.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonNo one’s here yet, but will be packed in 2 hours…

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonCovering the stage set for A7X with backdrops.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonI didn’t know back drops were attached to the supporting pole by Velcro tape or some kind of tape. No wonder it’s easy to pull them off when show ends and they change the stage set.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonAnd now we were led through a small door… to the backstage! Exciting:)

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonAt the back stage. There were loads of trucks parked and equipment were brought onto the stage.

Billy(‘s hand)’s showing trolley(?) made by Rat Sound(?), world famous stage equipment company.
(I might catch the name of company wrong)

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonWe were on the left side of stage (“left” as seen from performer), where Synyster Gates usually has his mike stand.

You can see King from the side.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonThis box is said to store Synyster Gates’ guitars…

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonZaa, the man behind Synyster’s guitar, is checking equipments.

It was an amphitheater, which is smaller conpared to other stadiums, so the stage set up was bit different.
Zaa’s station could be under stage if it’s for larger venue.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonWhat’s going on behind backdrops.
A7X takes half of the stage for their special set.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonThe view from the stage.
Bands are seeing this with crowds every night.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonSetting up for Ghost and Deftones.
There seems to exist many works to be done before show.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonNow come to Zacky Vengeance’s side.
The table where the guy working is actually for Zacky Vengeance equipment.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonSo many wires.
It should be difficult to keep track of which is connected with which.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonRed tapestry for A7X stage. All details tell how well this production is planned.
God is in the details.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonKing from other side.
So many cool skulls.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonKing from back. All technical things are happening here…?
Fuel for Pyro on stage is stored here. No smoking, no fires. I think we heard fireworks are stored here too.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonElectrical devices for stage effect.
LED lights and such(I forgot how many lights they have…)

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonClose up of King from the other side.
That’s all for our back stage tour.

A7X VIP Experience 131018 HoustonEnd of back stage tour and now get Merchandise:)
Then we were led for the early entrance.

Words by Heather @ Deathbat-JP, 2013/10/24
No quoting w/o crediting, no copying w/o asking&crediting.

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