The Rev.

A7Xの亡きドラマー、The Rev.の使用機材、等


DW, Evans, Promark and Sabian


【 Drums 】
DW Collector Series with a Snakeskin Wrap and Black Hardware on drums
22″x18″ Bass (x3)
8″x4″, 8″x7″, 10″x8″, 12″x9″, 13″x10″, Mounted Toms
16″x14″, 18″x16″ Mounted Floor Toms
14″x3.5″ Brass snare

【 Hardware 】
DW 9000 series with all boom stands
DW 9000 single pedals
DW Combo Rack
Can of pwnage

【 Cymbals & Other 】
Sabian Cymbals : AAX-XCelerator Hi-Hat (14″) AAX Metal Crash (18 & 19″) AAX Metal Ride (24″) AAX-Xplosion Crash (20″) Paragon Chinese (19″) AA Metal-X Chinese (18″) Max Spash (7 & 9″)
Evans EQ4 Batter Clear
Evans EQ3 Resonant Black
Evans Genera G2 Clear
Evans Genera G1 Clear
Evans Power Center Reverse Dot
Evans Hazy 300 Snare Side

【 スティック 】
Pro-Mark TX5BW Wood Tip Hickory